Charismatics Alive and Well on L.I. The New York Times. 12/14/1975

Charismatics Alive and Well on L.I.
Published: December 14, 1975
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" The Rev. Jack Hickman, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in North Massapequa, which, with the Christ Lutheran Church in East Meadow, is active in a Jewish mission, among other services, said that despite the fact that his church worked in the "power of the Holy Spirit," he did not consider St. John's to be a part of the Charismatic movement."  
""From the very beginning," Mr. Hickman said, "we have had to impose disciplines to avoid the many dangers of Charismatic thinking.  Charismatic people, he said, tend to drift from "blessing to blessing." and, in the end, lose sight of what they are supposed to be doing.""

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