Friday, November 8, 2013

To Whom it May Concern:

To Whom it May Concern,

You don’t have to explain anything to me. I have amazing deductive abilities and there is nothing wrong with my ability to receive and process information. I just deduce different things from what I have read and been taught than you.  To be clear, I am an adult. I am not a child. I do take responsibility for my choices and my life. I am not mentally or emotionally deficient and unable to understand how the world works, or the many nuisances of religion, child-rearing, and cultural micro-cosmic dogma.  Your denigration of myself and other youth like Sim Plyme comes off as rationalism veiling disdain. We are not going to be quiet because you used your victim-shaming bully-voice. It only lets me know how insecure you are, that you need to make me weak and yourself strong in order to relay your points.

Here are some key words that let me know how you feel:
play victim
negative or dysfunctional behavior

I don’t need to actually read what you wrote to understand that you think the people who write these blogs are ne’er-do-wells that the cult is better off without.  Thanks for making it so clear. I don't miss you either.

Here’s what I don’t understand.

How can you compare Jack Hickman’s Abenseur Cult to standardized religions?
Standard religions have: 
  • a standard of rules that all members can follow and have access to at any time without requiring a special injunction in order to receive them.
  • clear accounting procedures with listed salaries, investments, donations, and tax summaries
  • accountability for the behavior of the members and clergy/elders alike
  • no perceived, threatened, or real consequences for participation or lack thereof

Your cult has none of those things. 

The other BIG thing I don’t understand is your hypocrisy. How you can you say that you are going to save the world and are attempting to perfect your soul when you cannot even be a servant or compassionate to the LEAST among you?

That’s right. The LEAST among you.  The LEAST among you: the simple, the meek, the innocent, the victims, the self-pitiers, the negative ones, the ones with the agendas. What are you willing to do to bring them into God’s kingdom? What are you willing to do to safeguard their souls and place in the kingdom? When you stand on your day of judgment and you are asked what you did for the downtrodden, how confident will you be in your answer? Is there not a lesson about crimes against Jews or Abenseurs being WORSE than gentiles? Didn't Jack preach that those who are finally adopted are adopted forever, making us still a part of the kingdom?

This is something Jack railed on and on about. This is supposed to be one of the “whole points” of Jack’s teachings and the group's lifestyle; your behavior, your attitude, your compassion, your Love, your Faith and Deeds.

Someone says online (because they are afraid of reprisal) that they have been raped and abused and your response is to say...

all I see here is a lot of blaming and self pity instead of being the adults that you are....I have never seen the things described in the blogs. Rape, abuse, etc. I do believe it is exaggerated.  

Is that what God would do? Is that what a prophet would do? Is that what an Adamic soul would do? Is that what a messenger of the kingdom of God would do to the LEAST among it’s brethren?

How can you hope to bring about a WORLD of imperfect souls, when you cannot even tolerate those among your group that have been hurt?

I get the impression you think the key is to live positively. What about the girl who lives positively until the ripe age of 10 when she is raped at knife point?  Was that her fault? Was she “asking for it?”  She was scarred by it and as an adult tried to come to terms with it.  Is that negative living?

Anecdotally, considering the responses to the stories of rape or abuse by anonymous members, why do think the current “youth” and young-adults parade around with their happy faces on pretending to be functional?

See, I get that you tend toward the side of misogynistic asshat-ery, but whether you like it or not, people in the group have been raped/abused, and people in the group are rapists/abusers. Your OWN post delineates why victims would NEVER want to come forward.  The dogma of the group and it’s strict adherence to the La Shon Hara policy make it impossible to speak against their abusers even if they overcame the shame.

Insults aside; wanna answer me? How do you expect to get into the kingdom with your current attitude towards those who have been harmed and marred within the group?  Do you see any hypocrisy in your current position as it relates to the groups’ goal of world healing and unification?

You asked me some questions as well. I'll answer them for you:
I cannot understand why people made a different choice than myself... Well that's not exactly true. The youth were not given all the information, and therefore they were never actually offered a real CHOICE.  They were told choose God and righteousness and the kingdom, or choose ignorance, and being cut off, and a life with the gentiles and the "drunk" of this world. We were never told that Jack admitted to sexual assault against his boys. We were never told there were other ways to live and still remain members of our family. We were not provided that information. All attempts were made to keep us from even KNOWING that information.   That is manipulation. Not choosing.

That being said, I have covered in multiple posts that I understand why people stay. I don't agree with it, but I understand. 

I don't hold an ENTIRE group of people responsible for the bad decisions of a few.  Let's talk about the FEW that made bad decisions that I have talked about... Jack, Goon, Man, Pujols, various elders, various clan heads...
It's the LEADERSHIP. It's the CREATOR of the Abenseurs that I'm talking about here. Not a few rogue members or bad apples, or bad elements that might pop up in any organized group of anyone anywhere. This is a major difference.

Also, I don't think all Arabs are bad. I do think that those who run Al Qaeda are bad, because they recruit, and subject their members to brainwashing and spiritual manipulation in order to meet their own ends.  They are puppet masters who make their members think they are meeting a spiritual destiny and die for it, while they collect the rewards of the behavior. Really great analogy you chose there. 

I hope that clears up my thoughts and opinions. I look forward to your response.


PS- "Anyone who knows anything about us can see right through it." 
Is a classic "No True Scotsman" ploy people use in arguments. 
Obviously, I was there for many of these lessons. So was Sim. We get the "context." You, however, are clearly not a youth, so you weren't and you got it second hand.
Jack wanted the youth to be ready to die. It was a recurring theme. I'm sorry it's uncomfortable for you. I realize this is not the tack the group is taking NOW... but Jack mentions it THROUGHOUT the years.  Deal with the beautiful dissonance that is your Truth.

The above is my response to the following post on Bell Out of Order. There were a few members who replied via anonymous post. The comments were getting crowded and I didn't want to monopolize.